New Year’s Eve Open Circle

December 31, 2018

Mountain View Masonic Hall

7:00 pm – 9 pm

(doors open from 6:50-7:30 pm)

$20 drop-in  ⧫ $15 seniors (65+) and students w/ID  

An Open Circle is an intentional container that we dancers co-create with our bodies and our attention. We are both the movers and witnesses to each other’s experience. In an Open Circle, there are three roles to choose from at any moment: mover, witness, and the space in between.

  • Movers are free to move in and out of the center of the circle as you feel drawn. You can choose to dance the whole time, witness the whole time or any combination thereof. You are free to move alone, with others or the group body.
  • The Witness is one who is receptively taking in what’s occurring and unfolding, noticing what you are sensing and feeling inside and outside of you, as you take in the movers and the ever-changing dance before you.
  • The space in between is the fuzzy place between mover & witness where you are exploring the pull to be in the center or to stay as the witness. The attention is on your internal sense of what’s next for you

 A musical soundscape designed for movers to creatively explore emptying and calling in will be offered. You are also invited to bring a journal or simple art supplies to support your journey. We’ll gather at 7:00 pm with a short arrival window (doors close at 7:30) and end by 9:00 pm, leaving plenty of time to head on to other celebrations.

Dinner together at a nearby restaurant will follow class for anyone inclined to join us.